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R.I.P. Sweet, Beautiful Ms. Fiona


Good Day Everyone,

It has taken me a while to write this! I am still in tears! With a very, very heavy heart I have to tell you Blue Lions Fiona has went to the rainbow bridge.

Fiona was loved and cared for until the end by Lisa. Ms. Fiona touched the hearts of many. I remember the amazing rescue when Fiona and her buddy Max had their own private plane flown by Chuck. Chuck picked them up in California and flew them home to Blue Lion Rescue. Ms. Fiona was like a movie star flying high in the sky with her best friend Max.

I had the honor of meeting Ms. Fiona and what a beautiful, sweet love bug she was. I was able to give her a big hug...she would just lean into me! It was a very special moment, one I will never forget. The kill shelter labeled Ms. Fiona as a vicious dog, they wanted to put her down. Lisa said NO,  I will take her and her buddy Max! Does this picture look like a vicious dog to you? No way, No how! Ms. Fiona loved to be loved and she got that from Lisa/Blue Lion Rescue.

Ms. Fiona started vomiting everything she ate so Lisa rushed her to the vet who diagnosed her with megaesophagus. The vet also listened to her lungs and said she had started aspirating food in there which is very typical. It's a fatal condition and it only gets worse. Blue Lion could not let her suffer any longer.  It broke our hearts to say good-bye to Ms. Fiona.

Ms. Fiona is with the heaven angels now.  Here is a beautiful song for a beautiful girl. (

Ms. Fiona will always have a place in my heart. I loved her.  Rest In Peace Baby Girl.

Take Care,
Fiona (


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