Saving all types of GIANT BREED DOGS from high kill shelters and adopting them to loving, qualified homes.

Blue Lion Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non profit, NO KILL organization. Dogs at Blue Lion Animal Rescue put the "B" in BIG!

Given the limited public demand for 100- to 200-pound dogs with questionable temperaments, is a very good thing for all the castoff Great Danes, Mastiffs, Saint Bernard’s, Newfoundland’s, Great Pyrenees and other colossal canines who have found their way to the 35-acre Blue Lion Animal Sanctuary ranch in Yoder, Colorado, 30 miles east of Colorado Springs. Blue Lion is one of the largest no-kill shelters in the country.

Most of these dogs have been chained up outside, neglected and abused. With the love and care from Blue Lion Rescue many of them find wonderful forever homes. Some have endured so much abuse and neglect they are unlikely to win new homes. They will live out their lives at Blue Lion Rescue, where even grumpy growlers seem to relax under their gentle care.

********* URGENT NEED! **********

With the nation’s economy being in such poor shape, donations have dropped dramatically. Unfortunately, dogs are still in need of rescue. Even dog food donations have dropped off and we are having to buy some of the 350 lbs of food we feed daily. We can’t help them without your generosity. Please donate as much as you can! NO AMOUNT IS TO SMALL. It’s easy- just click on the “DONATE” button and follow the instructions.

Each one of you can make a difference in a homeless animal's life, by either working hands on with homeless animals or donating to causes such as ours. Donations can be sent to BLUE LION ANIMAL RESCUE, PO Box 11, Yoder, Colorado 80864
or you can donate online on this cause page or at www.bluelionrescue.org Your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you everyone for caring!
Take Care,
Fiona, Hudson & all the other BIG Beautiful Dogs at Blue Lion Rescue xx

1. http://www.bluelionrescue.org

2. 2.http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Blue-Lion-Rescue/110583832288188

3. 3.Adoption is the BEST option. Please do NOT buy a dog from a pet store or from a backyard breeder. Give a dog a second chance by adopting today.

4. 4.Each one of us can make a difference in one animal's life.

5. 1.To increase the number of homeless pets adopted and reduce euthanasia rates.