Meeting with health minister - 10.05.2011

Thank you to everyone who made it possible to take our concerns to the government. We will now sit tight and see what happens with the review in 4 months. This is obviously a very important thing for us but I know there are many people who are wanting these…Read More

Thank you

Here are the other pages that are connected with Lana's Cause: Lana's page where you can chat and look at her photos etc and discuss…Read More

Thank you!!!!

I'm sorry if I can't reply to everyones messages. We do however really appreciate all the support you have shown.

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Thank you so much everyone for supporting Lana's cause!!!! We are overwhelmed will the amount of support. EVERYONE OF YOU COUNTS! You all help massively so that local MP's and hospitals can see what an impact it could make if Swineflu Vaccines are available…Read More
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