daniels liver

just found out that my son daniels liver is starting to shut down.........he needs a kidney and someone out there has 1 that will match plz plz think about it........i am his dad jesse d. vandyke i am on fb to.......


kk, in order to donate you must be 18 or older!! in good health, no current or previous issues with kidneys. Google BMI(body mass index) if you are what they consider over weight you will not be able to donate, then proceed to eat all the junk you want in…Read More


i aplogize, i do not know why but i was not able to access this site for a long time!!! Daniel is still in need of a kidney and as of now no one is being tested!!! please help spread the word & help save my sons life!!!

past posts

i did not know, but apparently members are not able to see past posts/updates that i put up.....so......first i would like to apologize!!! i am not ignoring any of you, i have been trying to keep up with fb mail to update or answer questions that you all have…Read More


now that his phosphurus is down, we now have to make sure his potasium doesn't get too low and cause irregular heart beat and slow his heart down!!! sheesh, if its not one thing its another!!!!

lab results

Daniel's phosphorus is down almost by half!!!!! this is awesome!!!! new meds and formula have helped!!!! he still needs a kidney tho!!! keep spreading the word thank you all so much for your support!!!!


got daniels labs done again today!!! cross your fingers his phophurus is down some more, this will slow the bone disease down!!! Thank you all for joining and spreading the word!!! i can't belive we are at 1600 + people~ i just know someone out there will…Read More
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