Revive the project now that Prof Sen has been fired

We have Singapore ex-FM as the new VC who has an exemplary track record. Now let us revisit, reclaim and revive the Nalanda University Project

Updated story on Nalanda University Project

Nalanda University was planned to be revived with much fan fair ... BUT

it has been captured by a cabal of few people. Some have credibility and respect but many are of questionable background. The lack of vision and ambition is most disappointing. Some of us want to reclaim this glorious institution from the hands of a nexus of…Read More

Statss on Vistors/supporters of this cause

Visitors Countries? 1,939 India 99 United States 22 United Kingdom 16 Fiji 15 United Arab Emirates 13 Singapore 12 Canada 12 Saudi Arabia 6 Australia 5 Japan 5 Qatar 4 Bahrain 3 Spain 3 Brazil 3 Hong Kong 3 Nepal 3 Mauritius 2 Bangladesh 2 Czech Republic

Join in this Cause in making Nalanda University, a Truly World University

Nalanda University is one of the oldest Universities of world . This has been the most sought after seat of learnings by Buddhists from Japan, China, Tibet, India. This University is truly going to be World University. Let us all join hands in making this…Read More

World Class University and Research Centre in Bihar

This is a golden opportunity for all those people who wanted to see the pristine glory of Nalanda University bestowed back to it. Let us all join to contribute our level best to make Nalanda University , a world Class University, glory which it rightly…Read More

75 invite per person per day till we reach Millions

Friends, looks like there is a limit of 75 per person each day. So please invite 75 persons daily till we reach our goal
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