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Exciting News!!

Wow 307 Memebers!! That says a lot about this cause!! thnak you all so much for joining!!!

There is exciting news to share with members of the “Save the Anglican Church in Georgetown” cause!

A steering group is forming to propel the effort to save the Church building. Mark Beck, Brian Pound, and Peter Llewellyn and others have all expressed interest in becoming core members with Rev. Robert Tuck proposed to be an Honorary Chairman. This group will begin the process of determining exactly what needs to be done to stabilize, persevere, and restore the church. There is lots of work ahead for all to help and be involved in.

Some highlights of what’s happening:

• Rev. Tuck is working on a history and facts page for us.

• The steering committee has a meeting planned for February 3 to coalesce the plans to transfer title, find funding, stabilize, preserve and restore the building.

• The steering committee will plan for a week of volunteer effort.

• The steering committee will plan different committees for such things as, volunteering, research, technical support, logistics, and fundraising etc.

• The steering committee is seeking input and ideas for uses after the building is restored to ensure financial sustainability.

• The town has been in contact with Carter Jeffery, an Architect/engineering firm that will review the condition of the building.

• The director of Museums and Heritage has express support for saving the church.

The items below are reason enough to save the church, but we would love to hear yours!

Preliminary reasons to save the church:

o Historic building
o Valued architectural elements
o Town landmark
o Asset to town for future use
o Revenue producing

Preliminary sustainability uses:

• Day care
• Meeting and convention hall
• Youth center
• Retail arts/crafts space
• Museum
• Archival storage for province

This is just the beginning of the effort to save this beautiful building. In the not too distant future there will be the need for all types of support from everyone! Right now we value your input and ideas, as well as any other comments you may have. Your involvement is so very important!! Thank you all for your great support!!

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