A great milestone just happened!!

It has been a long time since we have had news on Saving the Georgetown Anglican Church. Well, we finally have some! The deed to the Georgetown Anglican Church has been delivered to the organization. The deed is a standard deed selling all and everything. The…Read More

Call out for help

Getting the deed now opens the way to really get moving on restoring the building. Winter and the Holidays are now upon us but this will give us some time to plan for the Spring! We have almost 400 people on this site that have expressed support for this…Read More

Please let us know

I know everyone will be busy during the Holidays, but I ask you to think about what you can do to support this cause. Please write me at [email protected] or this Facebook page and let me know how and what you can do to help out. No contribution is too small…Read More

Help needed

The first meeting of the steering committee went well and action has now started. An inspection of the Church is planned soon to determine the extent of repairs needed to stablize the structure. A list of costs and expenses is being drawn up to to put…Read More

Exciting News!!

Wow 307 Memebers!! That says a lot about this cause!! thnak you all so much for joining!!! There is exciting news to share with members of the “Save the Anglican Church in Georgetown” cause! A steering group is forming to propel the effort to save the…Read More

church history

I would like to Thank Donna Collins for the histroy of the church posted below. It is very interesting! Just to let all know We are growing every day!!! Please stay tuned for news! PEI Register of Heritage Places application…Read More

Whys and uses for Georgetown Anglican Church

Hello All Here are just a few bullets on why the church should be saved and what can be done with it. Please add all your ideas to the list, we need them all Bullets for Saving Anglican Church of Georgetown • Historic building for Town as well as…Read More
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