1 drug lord. 200 children and staff. 20,000 soldiers. 200,000 people praying.

1 drug lord. 200 children and staff. 20,000 soldiers. 200,000 people praying.

Hello, my name is Marcus Young.  My work represents four generations of bleeding-edge mission outreach in Southeast Asia.  As I write this, 200 of our children and staff are located on a critical warfront, experiencing some unprecedented challenges.  Most of these children are child soldiers we’ve rescued who are now facing the serious threat of re-conscription into their own people’s army.

To help them, I’m asking you to pray a 2-sentence prayer for Elder Aisuh, a powerful drug lord and military leader in the largest drug cartel army in the world. Because his region is facing a potentially massive conflict, Aisuh has been put in charge of our area and now he wants our children to be his soldiers.  I think God wants Aisuh as his general.  Who is bigger?  How powerful is Jesus’ life?  How many angels does God have in his army?

Here is a short prayer you can pray right now for Elder Aisuh, a man whom God loves deeply. You can pray it again whenever it comes to mind:  

"Father, satisfy Aisuh with living water.  Make him a great deliverer and wise ruler of his people.  Amen!"

Thank you so much for your prayers!  

Why 200,000 people praying?  Elder Aisuh told us that our 200 children and staff are of no consequence to him because he cares for 20,000 soldiers.  Though human numbers are not essential for the power of goodness to triumph, I believe that 200,000 praying people would be a great display of God’s army of love in action. I am reminded of Elisha and the flaming chariot armies of heaven that were on the battlefield even when the only thing Elisha’s servant saw was the massive enemy army (2 Kings 6:16). This scenario is similar: we are participating with the innumerable armies of heaven to agree for God’s best for Aisuh and that the strength of his army would extend to all who cannot protect themselves.

Let’s do this! Please invite every person you know on facebook to join this Cause and pray. Email the link: http://www.200k2pray.com and post it on Twitter (directs to this Cause page).

Picture is of Marcus and Aisuh

1. Pray a 2-sentence prayer.

2. Invite everyone you know.

3. See God's goodness break through.