Scotia Diner Relocated and Now Open

Greeting Everyone!!! Scotia Diner has finally re-opened at 114 Mohawk Avenue, in Scotia!!!!! We will be open the same hours/days as before with all the same menu favorites. You can find us across the street from the Scotia Cinema in the old Kem Cleaners…Read More

New Location?

The Scotia Diner isn't giving up that easily. We're looking into relocating. We're hoping, it's expensive and it may not be possible. But we will look into all available resources. As for putting up a large apartment complex, I still want to see what can be…Read More

Bruce Tanski

I was wondering what kind of man the Scotia Board let in. This man is building "nice" affordable housing for all. If you still have concerns about these apartments, you should Google Bruce Tanski. There are various lawsuits against this man for not updating…Read More


Thanks for coming tonight everyone. It's a real shame that nothing can be done. I don't really BELIEVE them when they say that. Maybe we can go above their heads, any ideas???


I have just found out that the Schenectady Gazette will be covering tonight's board meeting. It is very important as many people come as possible, I can not stress this enough! For those of you who don't know, the meeting will take place tonight, January 11,…Read More


It is important as many people as possible come to voice their concerns at the board meeting tomorrow night. Further down, Mr. Pytlovany was kind enough to go over the protocol, if you have never been to a meeting before. It is very important that any who…Read More

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Village Board Meeting Tuesday January 11 at 7 p.m. It would be great if people could get there to voice their concerns and opinions!
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