The Scotia Town Board has passed plans to demolish the Scotia Diner to put in "low income apartment units", this can not happen!

The board of Scotia has passed plans to demolish the Scotia Diner and the surrounding buildings to put up apartment units. The Scotia Diner has been a local establishment for over 40 years. Many people come to meet friends and to get a quick meal. They have been going there for years. Many of them walk. If this business is destroyed, many people will have no where to go. We are all a big family there. Scotia is like one big family, every body knows each other. If low income apartments are to go smack dab in the middle of Mohawk Ave, many people will be weary to come into our town. The place will get trashed. We can not let this happen. This is our community. This will scare away potential businesses from establishing here. The crime rate will most likely go up, and our village will not be the same. We need to stop this.

1. Save our local Diner.

2. Keep large scale housing out of Scotia.

3. Keep our town safe and clean.