Help UNICEF provide safe drinking water to children around the world, while celebrating the clean and accessible tap water available as an every day privilege to millions

If you could save a life for just $1 would you do it? UNICEF would.

Taking the lives of approximately 4,100 children everyday, the lack of clean, safe drinking water and safe sanitation facilities is the second largest killer of children worldwide. Help us turn that number to zero.

By raising just $1 you can provide enough safe drinking water to a child for 40 days.

How it works:

Participating restaurants ask their patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they normally drink for free. All funds go toward UNCIEF clean water and sanitation programs aimed at bringing clean, safe water and sanitation facilities to children around the world.


1) Recruit restaurants to participate in the Tap project at tapproject.org.

2) Dine out at participating restaurants March 21-27, 2009 and donate a dollar or more to UNICEF's Tap Project. A list of participating restaruants can be found at tapproject.org.

3) Donate a dollar or more on this cause page and YOU CAN literally save lives.

4) Tell your friends online and off-line about the Tap Project and get involved! Help us turn the number of preventable deaths to zero.

1. Raise Awareness for the water crisis and world water day

2. Raise Funds for UNICEF water and sanitation programs

3. Appreciate the water we enjoy everyday