Let Old Sit Back and Young Blood take the Charge

Many youths in India have abandoned political participation (even don’t have time or can’t find a time to vote for right candidate) and are much more concerned about more money, a luxuries higher lifestyles and settling abroad. Because of this attitude of today's India youth we are getting more corrupt people in our parliament and in local assemblies, resulting more corruptions and vote bank politics is growing. Their non-involvement in politics is creating a space for all sorts of criminals and corrupt people to get elected in elections and become law makers and so called guardians of our country and society and spoils the secular atmosphere of this country by rampantly increasing casteism, fundamentalism and division among the communities for their own vote bank and hate politics. Most of the youth’s of India seems to be in confusion and chaos state. Indian youth’s think that politics is pointless and it’s only for criminals and corrupt people, and they're only concerned with studies, work and their lifestyle “a lack political awareness”. So what can be done to change this system? We need awareness program for every child and youth so that they can understand the meaning of development and social-economic uplift-meant of society at large. As almost 70% India’s still lives in villages and many of village’s youth’s are still marginalized and deprived from their basic rights of education and we need to find right people who can lead us and help all section of society to get benefit of India’s economic boom. We need new blood a fresh youth like you, if we really care for India and want to become Super Power in coming years, we need to get rid of these criminals and insane politicians who are just sitting in parliament and making money and selling our own country and pride. Remember Most of the “Politicians don't think about the country's development; they're only concerned with power and what benefit them” So please don’t become slave of these insane politician..Share your views...

1. The youth must actively participate in politics because they are the future of the land.

2. Youth must join politics because they are more aware of the latest and upcoming technology