The Pursuit of Truth

In John 4 (The Message) Jesus meets with "the woman at the well" and begins to reveal Truth... First HE asks HER (a Samaritan woman) for a drink - revealing her worth. Then he offers her eternal life (living water) instead of water from the well, telling her…Read More

The RIGHT people

We are currently in descussion with a number of people about different ministry opportunities with FBN. Please PRAY for us as WE PRAY to work with the people that God has called to this ministry. We're VERY optimistic about the people we're going to be…Read More

Help "Fire By Night" our Non-Profit Music Ministry!

We are a Non-Profit Ministry that seeks to establish the Kingdom of God through music. We are dedicated similarly to people and our talents as those working for "Come and Live! Records." Please help us first by raising awareness of our cause. Let US know you…Read More
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