Stop dispersion and torture of Basque prisoners

I would like to start this cause so we can help to end the horrible treatment of Basque prisoners by Spanish and French government. These horrible treatments consist of torture by police so one declares himself guilty just to stop the torture, the fact that many basque prisones are in prisons more than 1000 km away from home and also the denial of the right to communications and visits (including indecent security checks for the visitors) , the constant transfers from prison to prison also without telling family and friends, the denial of the right of education, the denial of contact with other basque prisoners and unfortunately I can go on and on. All this has to stop as soon as possible. In a country that calls itself 'modern' and a 'democracy' those disguting methods of isolation, torture and humiliations should be stopped as soos as we can.

1. To end the torture of Basque prisoners. Fin de la tortura

2. To transfer the Basque prisoners to the basque country. Euskal Presoak Euska Herrira

3. To respect the right of communication and visits for the Basque prisoners.

4. To stop the difference in sentence between Spanish and Basque suspects. Fin de differencia en castigos para los Vascos y los Espanoles

5. To allow left wing in the elections of this year. Posibilidad para la izquierda abertzale en estar presente en las elecciones