It's the 1st. of is my birthday.

Dear friends, I have a very special Birthday Wish. I have just returned from Thassos and the situation is worse than ever. It is in the middle of the winter. The dogs need to be fed every day and not every third day! The puppies are struggling to…Read More

My Birthday Wish for Anusch Hundehilfe Thassos

For my birthday on February 1st. I am asking my friends for a special gift. Help me to raise 500 euro for Anusch Hundehilfe Thassos. It is a great cause and it will help the Gingerbread Sanctuary dogs on Thassos to survive the winter. The Sanctuary dog…Read More


This is Sally in November 2009 with her small pups. Sally had many puppies during her Sanctuary life. No matter what Sally did to protect her babies they all died during the winter. Thanks to Anusch Hundehilfe Thassos Sally and her newborn puppies were…Read More
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