Save and Promote Our Beautiful Wildlife

Welcome to Wildlife in India. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to India's rare wildlife. We carry out research projects, develop management plans, encourage conservation practices and educate people about the beautiful wildlife of our country.

Our mission is to protect the survival of threatened wildlife, encourage the wise use of natural resources, and raise awareness and appreciation of our natural wealth. Our major concern is the preservation of biological diversity - the survival of species and their natural habitats. Whether the species are rare, endangered or even common, or they reside in shrinking forests or vast untouched regions, our goal is to help sustain their populations and to preserve as much of the natural world as possible in doing so.

Learn more about our efforts as you navigate through our website. You will also learn how you too can help make a difference.

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2. http://www.wildlifeinindia.in

3. http://www.wildlifeinindia.in