As a Christian organization, we aim to encourage and strengthen communities into their highest potential around the world.

To date, our primary efforts have been to educate students of collegiate age in Nicaragua and Malawi. Nearly 20 students have graduated with an advanced (post-secondary) degree as a result of our work over the past few years.

Additionally, we have supported a number of other projects including food pantry efforts, providing legal services to under-resourced people, and providing clothing to those with few clothes.

Our future goals include increasing our educational programs by identifying other partners in low and middle income countries, increase the number of employable, trained people in these countries, and extending to other areas of community development (eg., public health) as those opportunities present themselves.

Presently, we will continue to increase the numbers of students sponsored in Nicaragua, and Malawi with strong potential to begin programs in Argentina, Peru and Honduras.

1. Education is empowerment.

2. Culture is context.

3. Partnerships are power.