Stop the pointless killing of Lithuanian wolves! - The Petition Site

When joining the European Union, Lithuania had no data on the amount of the population of wolves nor the amount of the damage their populations caused to the farmers. Hunting of wolves in the European Union member states is forbidden. Nevertheless, all three Baltic countries (including Lithuania) succeeded in gaining exceptions concerning the hunting of wolves by negotiation. The hunting was supposed not to harm the stability of the sparse population of wolves within the country.

Nevertheless, the situation differs significantly across the Baltic countries. There are a few times more of these animals in Latvia in comparison to Lithuania. Therefore, in our opinion, it is not fair to request exceptions concerning this matter for Lithuania only seeking to support the goals of a neighbouring country. Moreover, we believe that the so-called ''optimal'' amount of wolves for Lithuania (200 animals) is determined incorrectly. A question arises for whom this amount is ''optimal'' - nature; the society or maybe the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania itself? Why then the Ministry or the scientists, whose opinion is the guideline for this Ministry, does not offer to apply a similar amount to the Republic of Latvia, i.e. decrease the number of wolves allowed to live in this country by 4 times up to the so-called ''optimal''? How can it be explained why in Latvia the ''optimal'' number of wolves, having the right to stay alive, is 800, while in Lithuania this number is only 200, and in Poland it is ''optimal'' to forbid any hunting of these animals?

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