To Raise Money for safe website for Children and Teens

We at Bipolar Support System, work hard to provide safe havens and support for children, teens and adults suffering from mental mood disorders. We are currently working on a site for children and teens to find a refuge from bullying and cyber bullying. The website will feature games and activities about; web safety; peer pressure; positive self-image and esteem; positive conflict resolution; and bullying and cyber bullying. It will include a secure chat room for children to interact. It will also focus on diversity and general acceptance. The website will include places for children to post positive pictures. If we raise enough for the site will also include a place for teachers; educators and parents to get tips on identifying depression and ways to help children deal with bullying.

1. To provide a safe secure website for children and teens

2. To teach positive self image, diversity and acceptance

3. To give children and teens a place to speak on peer pressure and positive ways to prevent bullying