Promoting public awareness of the families hurting from the wrongful actions of Child Protection Agencies, by encouraging the wearing of a black ribbon with a gold heart

I have personally chosen to express my own grief and loss at what CPS has done to my family and I, and also other families around the globe, by wearing a black ribbon with a gold heart. The black ribbon signifies the miscarriage of justice, the misuse of power, the unbearable wound and sense of loss that all parents who've had their children taken unfairly from them, must endure. They are for survivors of the system as well- ex foster or grouphome, or crown wards, and for parents in memory of their child who has passed, sadly in Child 'Protection's care' due to gross negligence and neglect. 

 Whether it be from DOCS, CAS, DCFS, CPS or however they call themselves, these corporations all seem to operate the same and seriously need reform. There are ribbons for almost every cause you can think of. Many of these causes, in the past had little support or even open hostility towards them, because of ignorance, suspicion, and fear. AIDS is one that comes to mind, and even cancer. I believe parents, that have become ensnared in the all too powerful, unaccountable, and untransparent machinery of 'Child Protection Services' are that last group, that needs a voice and public support. As with groups in the past, there is a lot of stigma, suspicion (from a society that blindly trusts certain 'corporations', assuming that people who lose their children must have deserved it or have done something wrong) even hatred and criticism, from people who do not have the 'whole story'. 

I chose to wear this ribbon, and open up dialogue. I welcome questions as to what my ribbon stands for. It is time for us parents who have been tortured and who have suffered in the worst way imaginable- through the unjust apprehension of a child (by these legalized Child.Abduction.Societies) to be visible, to stop being ashamed, and to tell our stories. I would also like to promote the passing of legislature (Canada-Ontario) to enable  our Ombudsman the right to deal with the thousands of complaints against CAS pouring in monthly (his words) . WHY does the government continually seem incapable of doing the right thing, and passing this bill already! All it's asking for is transparency, and accountability for a PRIVATE corporation that has been given carte blanche and immunity, in ruining the lives of so many... I will wear my ribbon, and will wait and see...if anyone else would like to do so. 

Oh, the GOLD HEART, is for the little part of us that somehow, DOESN'T ever die, the love in our hearts for our children, and the hope that still lives, that someday somehow we will all be together again. This is the issue at the heart of the ribbon, because let us never forget the true victims of a system that is badly in need of investigation and repair- the parents and CHILDREN. ANYONE can wear the ribbon though, anyone who is working towards FIXING the cps, the cas, docs,facs etc. Anyone who truly FEELS for these parents and children, and will DEMAND to the government, to hold these agencies accountable. MANY THANKS to all the wonderful people who've joined already, and also to those who will. :) WANT TO HELP TURN FACEBOOK BLACK AND GOLD, BY USING A RIBBON PICBADGE? HERE: IS: http://www.picbadges.com/blackribbongoldheart/188...

I paid for ribbon pins in the past, so people could have them but it was costly for me. I also had ribbons but they went fast!  I was surprised by the crazy response of people from all over (German, UK, Egypt,  The States, Australia) asking 'where can I get a ribbon"   I am now having buttons made, youknow badges, as it is cheaper and I will unfortunately have to ask for a minimum donation of $2.50 plus shipping to cover costs.  I think it would be great if CAS, DOCS, DCFS,  FACS, CPS etc. could see these everywhere and KNOW that we are fighting back, that the pubic is waking up.   Here is my email for now, but soon there will be a website for this ,  to order from there.  THANK YOU.  and never give up, because that's what they want  :)  

1. support parents who've lost children to Child Protection Services, call for ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, government intervention, change.