How to get more children into education?

If you could change one thing in world politics, what whould you do to get more children into schools?

Education counts

1 extra year of schooling increases earnings by 10%. How can we get more children's into schools?

It Takes More Than YOU To Start A Movement

A movement only truly starts when you invite others to join you. When you share the vision, the load, the successes and the lessons. Movements are about co-creation. Together we are always bigger than whatever storm is in front of us. An idea that is shared…Read More

Aid to education still vastly insufficient, new figures show

How can we achieve Education For All when aid to education still vastly insufficient. This is presented in the new EFA Global Monitoring Report 2011. Why things are not happening?…Read More

Swedish Aid to Somalia, less then 1 % to education. Why?

Swedish Aid to Somalia, less then 1 % to education. Why? How can we build a country without an existing education system and not prioritized in the aid either...

Our partner in Nigeria

Our partner Net Educational Advancement Initiative in Nigeria are working to - Promote Teachers training college - Encourage clean and healthy environment - Promote the right to basic education - Work in the reduction of youth unemployment More information…Read More

Let’s re-build Somalia’s education system

The second Millennium Development Goal stipulates that all children, boys and girls alike, should be able to complete a full course of primary schooling by 2015. How can we help Somalia to acchive this?
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