The 4 brothers who were charged for organising the Wiladat Fatimah celebrations have been released

The 4 brothers who were charged for organising the Wiladat Fatimah celebrations have been released from the charge. No case was found against…Read More

Sayyidah Fatimah's Celebration disrupted and 4 were detained

On 24th May 2011, the JAIS and some police officers disrupted the on-going celebrations to mark the birth anniversary of Fatimah a.s. in the field in front of Hawzah Ar-Ridha in Gombak. The officers came when more than 200 guests were eating in the midst of…Read More

Court Hearing Today

Bismillahirahmanirahim Allahuma salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad wa ajjil farajahum Salam to all fellow lovers of ahlul bayt a.s, 31 March 2011 Today our 2 shia scholars in Malaysia will be heard in court. There is a chance that the case might be…Read More

The Court Trial is approaching/ Hari ke Muka Pengadilan (Mahkamah) Makin Hampir

Salam everyone. 17th February 2011. That will be the day that our brothers' will be heard in court. Do not let them be punished unjustly. Their only 'crime' was to remember Imam Husain a.s. You can make a difference. Please sign the online petition below and…Read More

Hal min naasirin yansuruni? Tidak adakah pembantu yang bisa membantuku?

People are slaves to the world , and as long as they live favorable and comfortable lives , they are loyal to religious principles. However , at hard times , the times of trials , true religious people are scarce. (Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 78 , P. 117) 15…Read More

Did we sign on the Petition?

Salams brothers and sisters, I have noticed that our number (members of this cause) is higher than the number of signatures in the I would like to ask help my dear brothers and sisters. Kindly please check the…Read More

Let's help hand-in-hand to increase the number of our members insha Allah

Salam. Alhamdulillah, after being lauched for a week now, the number of members in the "We support freedom for the Malaysian Shias" has surpassed 500. Imagine, from 1 person to 500 in a week! Let's increase that number, try to get at least 10 new members this…Read More


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