All cause members NEW AND OLD. Please take a minute to join the GROUP PAGE. It's a bit confussing but the real meat will be there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE takes just a minute and would be greatly appreciated by me. Just type HEMPBOOK.COM into the search area in…Read More

Hempbook.com nears it's first thousand members.

Please come join our cause and group. Hempbook is the beginning of something very special and needs your help. Support us by joining and asking friends to come visit. Fun chatting during the evenings covering all and any topic, but always funny and…Read More

HempBook the cause on FB

I've had some people confused about HempBook on FaceBook. This isn't our home or an indicator of what our site will be like. FYI, we have extremely tight limits on who we can invite and how. Please do not confuse or compare the two products, oranges and…Read More


A home of our own in the making. We need your thoughts

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