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New year wishes, Helping childless woman for the pleasure for pleasure their life

Dear Friends,

My best Wishes to all of you and family “best of the best 2011, in health and prosperity”

Year 2010 has been a pleasure full year for us; we had got a lot of success in our small effort to help the suffering mankind, Online as well as offline. Last few years, we were trying to develop a way to treat childless couple and we are humble to say that it was 100% success. Some are already blessed with children and others are already pregnant. We had a failure in just one case which is a genital disorder. It was an unforgettable experience to be with our patients at their joy of having a child. All of us here are thankful to the supreme power, Homoeopathic medical system and the Guru Samuel Hahnemann for making us his channel of healing.
Another specialty for 2010 was we could help several cases where patients were suffering with heart valveuler disorders. We were surprised to see the work of similimum in recovering the heart patients in very short time. Not but least we could help, all different cases around the globe, especially one case from Malaysia where in child 1year was suffering continuously with fever 37.3o-40o for months and her the child stopped development. Homoeopathic remedy is now able to help them to get back to good health.
By looking to the success we are planning in New Year to give a special concentration for infertility and pregnancy care. The reason for this mission is that, I know the expensive fertility care treatments given by different hospitals. It is impossible for a common man to afford the same. We wanted to help patients who don’t have child, as well as not able to afford the cost of fertility care. Also people who wish to have a natural homoepatic pregnancy care.
May I request you all to spread the word of mouth, for our small effort for “wiping tears of Ladies who are not able to conceive and have a baby”
With warm regards

Dr A P Chandran
Chairman and Trustee
Bhadra Homoeopathic Forum

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