To preserve and safeguard the cultural heritage of Cambodia.

To preserve and safeguard the cultural heritage of Cambodia.

The Angkor Temple complex in Cambodia stands as a testament of architectural, historical and artistic achievement by Khmer civilization. Built in the jungles of Southeast Asia between 800 -1220 AD over 100 temples stand today. Although the Angkor Temples are the best preserved and therefore well known remnants of Khmer civilization there are also thousands of other ancient sites, such as cemeteries. These sites are looted for bronze, ceramics, gold, semi-precious stones and other materials. Unfortunately, widespread looting of these sites to feed the demand of collectors all over the world has caused irreparable damage. We at SAFE feel strongly that the best way to understand objects of Cambodian history is within their archaeological, architectural and historical contexts, scientifically examined and professionally preserved. We know we are not alone in our desire to save the vast cultural riches of Cambodia and we urge anyone interested to please join this cause.

This is an initiative of SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone (SAFE), a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving cultural heritage worldwide. http://www.savingantiquities.org

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1. An antiquity loses its informative value when torn from its original context without proper scientific excavation.

2. Looting, smuggling, and trading illicit antiquities destroy information about our shared cultural heritage.

3. We promote respect for the laws and treaties that protect cultural heritage and property.

4. We encourage legal and ethical behavior among collectors, dealers, and museums to stop the trade in illicit antiquities.

5. We envision a world in which looting and destruction of ancient sites and the marketing and collecting of undocumented artifacts is unthinkable.