Please sign the petition The cause has been rather slow moving recently (my bad), so it would be good to get some more action happening with this petition! Share and invite your friends to join this cause, and I will see if I…Read More

10 more people!

Come on guys we are almost there! :D

Almost at 5000!

Wow guys we almost have 5000 members! and over 7000 that like our page! Lets try to get as many of our friends to join so we can break the 5000 mark, and celebrate it by getting out there and riding bitless! :)

Sorry about that, here is the link :)

Sorry about that, some computer problems, the link is :)

Sign the petition :)

Here is the link to a petition to the FEI to allow bitless bridles in competitions, please sign this and show your support! you can sign it through your facebook

Tackling the isssue

What we need to remember about this cause is that we are not attacking bits/people who ride with bits, what we are asking is to be accepted as bitless riders in the equine community/circuit, not bringing up the old rivalry and arguments but just proving that…Read More

Some awesome stuff...

While reading through the comments on this cause (always very positive and interesting) I came across this one comment that I thought was genious and just plain awesome, it said "My boy in my picture has been in a Dr Cook for 7 years. Although I have no…Read More
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