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Raise Awareness about modern-day slavery, drugs and violence against women in all its forms and its destructive nature on women, families, communities and countries;

Advocate for full, meaningful, and sustainable government accountability and responsibility for protecting women and girls from acts of violence and for ensuring adequate and accessible support services, including legal services, safe housing, and mental health care: and

Act to implement international, national, and local level projects aimed at ending violence against women and supporting women who have experienced violence.

Marygrove College: Working Together - Social Justice Cohort Groups - Making A Difference (

Michigan-Rescue-and-Restore-Coalition!forum/michigan-rescue-and-restore-coalition (!forum/michigan-rescue-and-restore-coalition)

Families-Against-Narcotics-Downriver-Chapter!forum/families-against-narcotics-downriver-chapter (!forum/families-against-narcotics-downriver-chapter)

Looking Beneath The Surface / Modern-day Slavery, Drugs and Alcohol / Rescue and Restore Project (

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