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Michigan Presentations on Human Trafficking Initiative


HOUSE Criminal Justice
Committee – Meeting, Wednesday 3/20/2013

Presentations on Human
Trafficking Initiative

The Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition,
our affiliate chapters and coalitions respectfully submit the following documents attached herewith for review,
consideration and inclusion on the record, regarding the Presentations on Human
Trafficking Initiative.

7, 2013, Attorney General 2013-003603-A-G, Criminal Division Letter and other
documents, Introduction and Factual Background information, sent herewith
concerning our personal request for your support and help regarding a 72-month
old "Michigan Underage Sex Trafficking Case Investigation" that, somehow, fell
between the cracks of VAWA, TVPA and Michigan
laws banning human trafficking (i.e., MCL 760.462a, et seq.). (See) (

Thank you again and indeed
sincerely yours, with warm regards, 

A. Sands

Richard A. Sands, Ret. PI

Michigan Rescue and Restore

Cell: (734) 771-7251 Fax: (734)

[email protected] (mailto:[email protected])

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