Change in plans - will you join us?!

While the campaign marches on(we're in 14th place nationally),we have identified an opportunity that we believe is in the best interest of our broader"Wild Rivers Coast" family. Crescent City's Port was devastated in our recent Tsunami. So, we have decided to…Read More

We're up to 11th place!! Are you remembering to CHEER daily and spread the word?!

We've moved up in the ranks folks... and Hospice needs you to keep on cheering! It only takes a minute or so a day... let's get in the top 7 this time to win $10,000!!!

Good grief, it's BACK!!!

Reader's Digest announced a few days ago that they are renewing the contest. The towns that didn't win have another shot at 10 to 40 k! We did this before, we can do it again, will you re-join the effort?!!!

PLEASE help us out - we need all CHEER members to do a quick post!!!

OK my Friends, calling on you again to help our Hospice. We've another opportunity for some $$$, but we only have ONE WEEK. It's simple, just write a simple post about our "Friends of Home Health & Hospice". The group with the most posts gets $5000, and…Read More

Another shot at $5000 for Friends of Home Health & Hospice!

Hi Cheers Members! We just signed up for another contest that could get our non-profit foundation, "Friends of Curry County Home Health & Hospice", a shot at $5000. This one will require much less from you than those daily cheers! It's just a one-time…Read More

Still waiting to hear...

Hi Friends of Hospice - although we only made #14 in the Cheers contest, that's still a remarkable place to be! I'm monitoring the We Hear You America website daily ... they are to post the other 50 cities soon that they will be visiting. If you follow their…Read More

Remember to CHEER today! And please invite 2 Friends to join you!

The competition is getting hotter and we're in 9th place. Let's push ourselves back up the ladder by getting more people to support hospice!
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