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Photos / videos Conference Newropeans Paris - 600 to 700 enthusiastic participants

See minute in French and Photos / videos here:

Enormous success of the conference on Saturday 6 February 'Democracy in Danger: Italie - Europe, Citizens Resist' in Paris in the Salons de l'Aveyron, with 600 or 700 enthusiastic participants and more than 1000 viewers watching the event through online live streaming

The conference, organised by Newropeans and Friends of Beppe Grillo, around Beppe Grillo, the most famous politically-engaged comedian in Italy, and Franck Biancheri, president of Newropeans, was an opportunity to measure the obvious complementarity of these two approaches:
- on one hand, popular national initiatives like the one of the Friends of Beppe Grillo or of the De Fatto newspaper in Italy, battling to avoid the final withdrawal of democracy at a national level,
- on the other hand, the development of Newropeans for whom the future of democracy plays out on a European level, where the main powers are now situated, and where they need to be democratically controlled.

The French and the Italians have the following in common: They are faced every day by repeated assaults against the principles of democracy!
Together, the citizens who resist have sparked a democratic European flicker during these three hours of conference...

And this is just a start! The citizens from other European countries are resisting, too!
Newropeans would like to be this democratic flicker which will bring together and organise this front for a real European democracy!

Appeal of Newropeans to the progressive forces of Europe:
Newropeans appeals to the whole of the progressive forces in Europe to join forces to create, develop, strengthen and support a large democratic European forum wherever possible, wherever it already exists and wherever it would need to exist.

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