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Best wishes and Newropeans projects for 2010

Hello all and happy new year 2010!!

2009 was an exceptional year for Newropeans, which has presented for the first time lists of candidates with the same political programme for more democracy to more than 130 millions of Europeans in 3 countries (France, Germany and the Netherlands) at European elections in June 2009.

In 2010 Newropeans is preparing already conditions of access of new political forces at European parliament in 2014.

The movement goes on and the network is expanding.
Newropeans will start the initiation of 2 majors projects within months and years to come with an objective to present lists of candidates in all member states of the Eurozone (at least) to European elections of 2014, for more democracy within the EU.

The two projects are:

1. A common European electoral law:
The 12th of June 2010, Newropeans will invite representatives from movements and small political parties from the 27 countries of the EU to introduce its project of A common European electoral law for the EU. Indeed, European elections yet today are ruled by 27 national electoral laws, with a few agreed common principles which tends to make even more difficult and non democratic, the access of the European parliament to new political forces. The most scandalous common principle is the requested minimum rate of 5% maximum to allow a list of candidates to have one candidate elected.. while in France for example, 1,5% would be enough! This operation are intended to set conditions which will enable to these new political forces to get in the European parliament and is also a first Newropeans attempt to help all these new poltical forces to network at a trans-european level.

2. Sarajevo 2014:
The aim of this second project is to prepare as much as possible the adhesion of Balkans countries to the EU, from 2014, a symbolic date which closes 1 century of civil European wars...Newropeans thinks that the enlargment to this countries is crucial for ensuring the stability of Europe, although Newropeans will actively support the organisation of a trans-european referendum (the same day in all the 27 members states) to decide or not of this enlargment.

Newropeans is also actively engaged on daily news topics depending on the European level and we will actively participate within weeks, months and years to come to inform as much as possible European citizens on key topics.

- > We research actively new translators to help to translate in several languages our growing number of Newropeans documents and press releases. contact: [email protected]
- > Newropeans-magazine releases a daily press review with European related or European (but also any other related to Europe) countries articles in French, English, German, Italian and spanish, if you wish to help us, send me your URL links once you find a good article: [email protected]
- > At last one of our members launched a very targeted social network on a very specific topic: 'Let's defend our European social model'
following the European service directive (ex Bolkenstein) passed these days in European member states to enable to 'liberalise' all public services of general interests (healthcare, education, services for unemmployed and old people...) which is a real attempt towards less social and more business in these services. You think these services are crucial for ou social democracies and stability in our countries. Join the network and help us to update what's going on in your country. I'll grant you needed rights to update your country group.

Best regards

David Carayol
[email protected]
Coordinator 'A common European electoral law'

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