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Reminder: Invitation Utrecht - Erasmus 2.0 conference with the funding father of the Erasmus programme‏

Newropeans presents: European dimensions in Education and the future of Erasmus 2.0

Date: Friday evening March 5th - 2010
start 19.30 - end 22:30
Location: RASA (World Cultural Centre)Pauwstraat 13a, Utrecht





Speaker: Franck Biancheri president of Newropeans, founder of Erasmus programme.

Panel discussion; members of student organisations, education experts and educational exchange organisations (participants to be confirmed)
Debate leader: Veronique Swinkels

Debate topics:
A European dimension in education
- European education policy is not possible and not necessary; it is a national responsibility.
- European education is only important for European elites in business and politics

Erasmus 2.0
The present Erasmus programme is functioning very well, there is no need to change the formula or to propose other programmes.

We are inviting all Newropeans members, voters, (Erasmus) students and other people interested in improving European democracy and education in Europe to participate.

The evening is free of charge but please confirm on
[email protected]

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