Have 10% of each generation to benefit of a European exchange programme by 2010

Since the launching of the Erasmus programme in 1987, only 1% of European students have taken part to this unique European programme.
Despite his success the Erasmus programme was never improved since its launching although it should have been very quickly as stated very early by future Newropeans members already at the initiative of this leading European Education programme.
Newropeans has developped a completely innovative European education proposal aimed at increase dramatically European students able to benefit of an European programme exchange from 2010. Newropeans wants that 10% of any geneneration benefit from any European exchange programme from 2010: 10% more than it is today!

If you're an Erasmus (or Socrates..) , former Erasmus or willing to be an Erasmus, or simply thinking this programme is the best way to live Europe, then this cause is for you!

Also feel free to share your idea to improve this programme and European education ones.. as we will improve it too!

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1. Erasmus has to be enlarged, for democratizing the access to the European dimension (let's go for 10% of a generation vs 1% today),

2. Erasmus has to be improved to deliver the required language and cultural skills for a future European executive in all kinds of sectors,

3. This cause is made to develop ideas and make Newropeans apply them from the next European elections (once elected) in June 2009.