Saying Thanks!

Just wanted to thank everyone that has showed their support, sent money, cards, etc. You haven't gone unnoticed and greatly appreciated! For those that need the address to send a card or more, I've included it below. Thanks again and much

Yanno, I was thinking..

Yanno, I was thinking, if everyone sent $5, it would help with current living expenses for Ed & the 3 kids as well as cover the funeral costs that are still remaining. The PO Box is still open, poor dusty thing, but it's still there. Out of the 1000…Read More

Such a short time ago..

It may have been only 2 months since Megan was taken, but she is surely not forgotten. The PO Box is still open for cards, donations, etc. I cant believe that there are almost 1,000 members for the cause. Just shows that both Eddie & Megan have reached so…Read More


PO Box is now active.

We now have the PO Box open and ready for the Crum-Orlowski Family. In memory of Megan Crum-Orlowski PO Box 442 Port Allegany PA 16743 Any donations or help at all for her surviving husband & 3 children will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much to the…Read More

Post office Box Active! Please send all donations to the address below!

In Memory of Megan Crum-Orlowski Eddie Orlowski & Family PO Box 442 Port Allegany, PA 16743
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