STOP PRESS -- Dr Myhill's first book of the year [Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] is now available to purchase from her office!!! Here is Sarah's commentary as copied from her website homepage. “It's official - it's mitochondria, not…Read More

Dr Myhill's new books!

****Pre Order your SIGNED copy of Dr Myhill’s books**** Dr Myhill has decided to buy a stock of copies of her two new books [see amazon links below] to hold at Upper Weston. You are able to pre order copies from her NOW! The cost is not yet known but will be…Read More

Can you please spread news of the latest paper please?

Per last email it would be great if you could spread news of this latest paper! This quote from the paper is great and it would be even better if we could spread this quote around as a kind of war cry? Mitochondrial function tests are a useful tool in…Read More


NEWS UPDATE: (A) Sarah had a riding accident last weekend. She is fine, Dingbat came down in a rabbit hole and Sarah was fired out the front door like an exocet to land on her shoulder. She had 6 fragments pinned in a three hour operation. There will be no…Read More

GMC hearing 2-4 October

I have posted the following note in both Dr Myhill facebook groups. Please consider helping by showing your support. Thanks again. The GMC hearing details are here - http://www.gmc-uk.org/Myhill_Sarah_02102012_14092012_49872334.pdf THREAD OF SUPPORT FOR THE…Read More

Dr Myhill issues press release on 2nd 'mito' study

Dear all, Please go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/108048875899603/doc/408432009194620/ to see full details of the press release issued by Dr Myhill on the second mito study. As mentioned in the full paper, a third paper is due to be released soon.…Read More

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