Notl Council gets another shot at Heritage For 1872 School

Council will have the chance to re consider getting Virgil Public school built in 1872 Heritage Status. 5 council members do not think Virgil Public is worthy of Heritage Status! Jim, Denis,Terry,Maria Bau, and the Mayor! The question should be asked why do…Read More

Tuesday October 11 2011 Town council will be able to vote again and move Virgil Public to Heritage status recomendation

Please contact any or all of the NOTL town council members and please tell them Virgil is part of this Towns History and needs to be saved. Cheers Paolo Miele

Mayor and Deputy Mayor and 2 council members Collard and Dick postpone Heritage Status

Councillor Jim Collard said it is important that the town act fast on its study of the Virgil school. "We must be forward with our thinking or we might lose something that is important." It seems that Collard and Coote and the Mayor along with Dick voted to…Read More

Town report is delayed until September 2011.

Town report is delayed until September 2011.

Herritage meeting was held

I missed the first meeting at the town regarding heritage status for Virgil Public. I understand that the bell will be removed and coat hooks and the old tin cieling and some wall board. I am not sure how this effects the original structure but i am hopeful…Read More
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