UPDATE: Jim and Gerri Adkins' Home Unlawfully Destroyed by the US Forest Service!

Dear readers, As more information comes forward about crimes committed by the USFS, I strive to make that information public knowledge. This bulletin is to notify members about an update regarding Jim and Gerri Adkins' home, which the US Forest Service…Read More

Angry Protesters March on US Forest Service

In a recent positive turn of events, people all across the country are waking up to how badly their public lands are being mismanaged by both the BLM and USFS. Ordinary citizens are being locked away like criminals, for simple infractions like "hiking…Read More

From Our Friends at Idaho Recreation Council, MORE USFS ROAD CLOSURES!!

Our friends at the Idaho Recreation Council are actively working to keep our public lands open to all users, and not just the special interests from other states. Please visit the Idaho Recreation Council's facebook page and sign their petition to congress…Read More

Help Save 109 Year Old Bill Timm's Cabin From Arson

Your help is needed to stop the USFS from burning a VERY HISTORIC cabin currently located on Thunder Mountain. Full history and USFS documents proving imminent destruction:…Read More

Former USFS District Ranger Speaks Out

Many good people work at the US Forest Service. Unfortunately, when asked to conduct illegal activities, such as burning down peoples homes, the good rangers leave. Such a person is Ned Pence, former district ranger on the Payette and Sawtooth national…Read More

Idaho Governor Butch Otter Tells US Dept. of Inferior "ENOUGH!!!"

In a very blunt letter, and deservingly so, governor Butch Otter has stood up to Obama's appointed land-grabber-czar Ken Sala"Czar." http://tinyurl.com/Ken-SalaCzars-Royal-Forest In the last days of the lame duck session, congress refused to pass public law…Read More

US Forest Service Must Answer to California Representative Tom McClintock

01/11/2011. True to his word, Tom McClintock has been listening to the American people. Four days ago on 01/07/2011, Tom McClintock addressed the house floor regarding crimes committed by the United States Forest Service. A nice read and video of…Read More
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