To celebrate the vision of a global family by creating and supporting programs that inspire and educate people about mutual respect, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

The We Are Family Foundation (WAFF) is dedicated to promoting a universal message of hope. In a world where conflict and misunderstanding between cultures, religious groups and countries dominate the landscape, WAFF is marshalling new resources to promote our common humanity. By producing educational tools and using media innovatively we are giving young people a fresh chance at building a global family.

In the spirit of the song “We Are Family”, WAFF programs have been successful because of the foundation's myriad partnerships with corporations, NGOs and celebrities (both human and non-human!). Most of WAFF's initiatives involve young people helping and inspiring other young people, or involve the creation programs for youth. Our current initiatives fall in one of two categories, Early Childhood Education Initiatives and International Outreach Initiatives.

1. We are one global family, one humanity.

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