Flying Coffin

How come a pilot who lands a plane on the nose wheel be declared fit for flying..??????? Whether its DGCA or Spicejet or both involved in corruption....the point is are we the guinea pigs??

500 and counting...

Well...the good news is our cause has reached 500 members in about 10 days !!!! :-) and the bad news is the we have reached just 500 :( hmmm....but i m optimistic! :-) hope we cross 1000 soon.

A. Raja finally grilled

FINALLY...... CBI decided to question A. Raja....Thank U Supreme Court!!! Some key evidences would have been ceased if they would have taken action earlier. Now it seems to little to late.

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Congrats!! Our cause now has crossed 300 members.. Hoping to cross 500 soon. if u have any suggestions , ideas or even an opinion , do post it in the cause. KEEP MULTIPLYNG!!

Award for most corrupt politician.

Who according to you deserves the award for "THE MOST CORRUPT POLITICIAN". The nominations are: 1- Ashok Chavan (Congress) - for ADARSH HOUSING scam. 2- Suresh Kalmadi (Congress) - for Common Wealth Games scam. 3- A Raja (Congress) - for 2G SPECTRUM scam. 4-…Read More

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great going guys... our cause is just about to reach 250. if u have any msgs aur ideas to convey them in the cause.

Can any politician ever be jailed

Will any politician ever be jailed??? A staggering 1.76 lakh crore 2G scam....still nobody is held responsible. Congress' accountability is at stake...but they don't want a JPC. Its a shame that we are doing what they should have done - to raise our voice…Read More
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