Back to Save Our Schools: March and National Call to Action

Save Our Schools Coalition: March For Public Education and Social Justice

Save Our Schools Coalition March For Public Education & Social Justice

We have a burgeoning coalition of grassroots groups, union organizations, and activists who will rally and march in support of education and social justice. The Coalition is growing – see our endorsements here – and we envision a mass gathering with bold actions and expressions of resistance for children and adults, which foster awareness and camaraderie in the movement to save our schools. Join us in Washington D.C. on July 8-10th to celebrate democracy by living it. The general schedule for the event is:

July 8th: Rally & March (location will be announced soon)
July 9th: National & International Summit with family and kid-friendly events
July 10th: Coalition Congress – member organizations meet to plan next steps for the movement
An action this big requires much collaboration and support, and the Coalition has many involvement opportunities for individuals and organizations alike. Consider helping in the following ways:

1. Endorse the principles and the 2016 event – see our current endorsements here
2. Provide active publicity about the 2016 event to your organizations and listserves
3. Organize in your area and assist people in attending the event
4. Provide financial support for the 2016 event and/or scholarships to deserving attendees
Collaborate and actively engage in the planning of the 2016 event by joining the Coalition for Action Steering Committee or one of its planning sub-committees. For more information on how to help and participate in the Coalition event, contact Bob George at (708) 692-5818.
This is an election year, and surely there can be no better time to show our government and our fellow citizens, “This is what democracy looks like!” We look forward to marching with you this summer in D.C.
The National Coalition Steering Committee

In solidarity,

The SOS Coalition for Action

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