Back to Save Our Schools: March and National Call to Action

One again it's time to answer the call to action my friends


I am almost one day out from my walk to DC. Everyday is busy at this point, between work, planning multiple events with organizers across states, and focusing in on making sense of Google maps that are not always helpful. But, it is a good kind of good, lots of excitement, calls and emails from people who are planning to meet me on the walk.
It's all-good, but at times it can be a little overwhelming at times. Sometimes it can be lonely, and sometimes to be honest it can be scary. I start thinking how the heck did you get yourself into this Jesse. Then I remember that everything I know professionally indicates these education reforms are failures. I find myself praying often on my walks, asking for strength and courage. Saying Dear Lord make it matter. Please make it matter.
Then like an answer to my prayers:
Someone post a positive comment on Facebook about the walk, a simple "You go Jesse". Every Facebook like gives me hope, every Go Fund Me contribution lifts me.
A School of Education Dean saying I am going to walk the whole 10 miles with you on Thursday your first day empowers me.
Manchester's Rev Josh Pawelek saying I want to walk with you on Monday reminds me I am not alone.
A retired couple from Kansas calling to say we are planning to walk with you in Philadelphia, and are walking with you again in DC.
Dr. Ricardo Rosa from Dartmouth calls to say I am walking with you everyday in New York inspires me.
Every time I grow weary someone reaches out. A few kind words refreshes me, empowers me, inspires me, moves me, and compels to walk.
Finally just before I put my head down someone like Terrance Moore a retired teacher from NJ helping to organize our Newark event sends me a YouTube link to "This school is your school, this school is my school
> >
Then like Saint George that Knight who fought the good fight everyday, feel to the ground, but always rose up renewed and ready to go again.
I am walking for:
Our children,
Our Parents,
Our teachers,
Our schools,
Our communities,
For justice not just tests, and
I never walk alone.
Thank you,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

My walk to DC cost me 6,000 dollars in 2010, I funded it myself. My estimate is my 2015 walk will cost 7,000 dollars. I am hoping to raise half of that amount through Go Fund Me, and the other half I am covering myself. I am walking regardless of whether I meet that goal. I am walking 10 miles a day, so my hope is people might consider contributing 10 bucks for 10 miles to my walk. If you like to contribute here is the link:

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