Back to Save Our Schools: March and National Call to Action

One Man Walking In The Name Of Love To DC. My SOS to all BATs, Opt Outers & SOSers

What do you do when your political leaders lack the will and the courage to hold 49 states accountable for spending more money on their wealthy schools than their poor schools?
You speak up,
You stand up,
You refuse the test,
You BAT up,
You occupy their lies,
You walk for change,
I am walking from Connecticut to Washington DC,
I am joining that mighty July 23, 24, and 26 BAT Teachers Congress,
I am participating in SOS's Mock trial "The People Vs the Corporate Education Reformers.
Consider joining me on my walk, come join BATs, SOSers and Opt Out Parents in Washington DC,
As we say enough is enough,
Come gather round people,
Come answer the call once again my friends,
Come join our resistance against high stakes testing.
Walking To DC,

Please watch and share my walking video.
Jesse the Walking Man Turner - Let the revolution begin.... Please watch and share.

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