We at WildiZe believe that to truly promote effective conservation, our work needs to be driven by the needs and ideas of the communities we work with, and that any actions taken need to be culturally

Africa is the heart of WildiZe Foundation. We have been supporting wildlife conservation and community development projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa for more than a decade and are proud of what we have accomplished. We have seen the positive impacts that can come from a small investment of resources in the right hands. At the same time, across Africa wildlife numbers continue to drop and communities continue to struggle. We see a tremendous need to expand the reach of our innovative approach and are embarking on a revitalized platform and vision.

1. Sub-Saharan Lion Conservation Project, http://tinyurl.com/Lion-Project

2. WildiZe supports projects that promote the overall healing of our planet's ecological balance.

3. WE encourage cultural exchange and scientifically proven life-practices.

4. Our projects increase the health of our planet's wildlife and further our human population's skill-sets to cope with day-to-day life challenges

5. www.wildize.org