Save California State Parks from Further Severe Budget Cuts and Park Closures

California's state parks are falling apart because of decades of chronic underfunding. Budget cuts are causing them to fall severely behind in needed maintenance and repairs—a backlog of more than $1 billion already exists. Because of budget cuts, nearly 150 state parks have been shut down part‐time or suffered deep service reductions. Now, 70 state parks are scheduled to close by July 1, 2012 because of a $22 million cut in state parks funding from the state.

California's parks are becoming less available to the public and are at serious risk of irreversible damage. It's clear that the powers that be in Sacramento aren't riding to the rescue for state parks. In response, we're taking our case to the people.

1. Removing the state's General Fund support would cause an additional economic ripple effect to the state's budget .

2. Our parks exist to provide educational and recreational opportunities.

3. Our parks exist to preserve important cultural and historic resources.

4. The state would lose the ability to generate revenue from popular parks, which drives local economies.

5. These budget cuts are closing our parks and denying the public access while also significantly reducing funding and maintenance throughout the system.