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Job Openings Part 4

Group Moderators: These staff moderators will report to the director of groups. They will be assigned to different groups and will work with the said groups to get member engagement up. It is alright to have several people contributing to one group. (Open)
This is a list of the groups:
Member's Links Group: This group is where those of you who administrate and/or own websites, groups, blogs, etc. When you support CIPAY, we will support you! So don't forget to let us know all about your site! (Open)
Recipe Group: This group is for sharing some of your recipes here on CIPAY. (Open)
CIPAY's Dealing With Suicidal Thoughts Group: This group discusses openly a topic that is always shoved under the covers...thoughts of suicide.
This group moderator will be in direct contact with Dr Patty. (Open)
CIPAYs Caregiver Group: This group discusses information for those individuals who are caregivers. (Open)
CIPAY's Diagnostics Group: This group deals with different diagnostic tests for chronic pain. (Open)
CIPAY'S COPD (Chronic Obstrutive Pulmonay Disease) Group: This area discusses aspects of COPD. (Open)
CIPAY's MS Group: This group will discuss all aspects of MS (Open)
CIPAY'S Lymphedema Group: This group will disucss all aspects of Lymphedema (Leslie Coggin)
CIPAY's The Man Cave Group: This group discusses men's diagnoses with regards chronic pain. (Leslie Coggin)
CIPAY's Prayer Request Group: If you need prayer and fellowship, this is the place to go! (Open)
CIPAY's Endometriosis Group: This group is about endometriosis! (Open)
CIPAY's Osteoporosis Group: This group will discuss different aspects of having osteoporosis. (Open)
CIPAY's Doctor Directory Group: This group will help you with finding a doctor in your area. (Open)
CIPAY's Contact Medicare Group: This group will discuss Medicare, Medicaid and other resources that are need based. (Stacy Hall)
CIPAY's Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Group (TMJD): This group discusses TMJ. (Open)
CIPAY's Recommended Links Group: This group will discuss recommended links, sites and groups that we have found very useful. (Open)
CIPAY's Social Security Information Group: This group will discuss different aspects of SSD/SSI/SSA. (Stacy Hall)
CIPAY's Good Doctor Group: This group will show those doctor's that members and staff have liked. (Open)
CIPAY's Member Pain Stories Group: Feel free to add your own pain story in this group. (Open)
CIPAY's Marijuana 4 Pain Treatment Group: This group discusses the use of marijuana as an alternative treatment of chronic pain. (Stacy Hall)
CIPAY's Worker's Compensation Group: This group will deal with discussions about workman's compensation (Open)
CIPAY's The Intractable Pain Patient's Handbook For Survival (Dr Tennant's Handbook) Group: This is an informational group that discusses what Dr Tennant feels is a handbook for intractable pain sufferers. (Open)

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