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Job Openings

If you are interested in becoming a staff member of the Chronic-Intractable Pain And You Site(s), this is an updated list of the positions that are currently open. Please look at the description and if you would like to do any of them, please contact Dr Patty ([email protected]) or Leslie Coggin ([email protected])
Areas of Responsibilities
Caregiver Liason Director: This person works with those members who are caregivers. The director will train and have managers beneath them that they would manage. (Open)
Caregiver Liaison Managers: These staff people will work with the caregiver director and will be instructed on what needs to be completed. (Open)
Chat Room Director: This staff person will be responsible to setting up chat room schedules for all groups. The person will be responsible for coordinating with the group leaders to select the days and topics for chats as well as work with the Marketing Representative to publicize the chats on the CIPAY website and Facebook. (Stacy)
Chat Room Managers: These staff people will be responsible to do what the director needs done with regards to chat set up. (Open)
Facebook Liaison Director: This staff person will monitor all FB sites. They will be responsible for ensuring all questions or comments are acknowledged and will accept new members to the FB sites. They will work with Dr, Patty, Joanna Lessor and Leslie Coggin to find innovative ways to get Facebook friends over to the main site. (Diane)
Facebook Liason Managers: These people will report directly to the Facebook Liaison Director for what she would need help with. (Open)
Pain Monitor Director: This staff person will monitor the daily pain scales. Should they see a member having particular trouble on a specific day; they will reach out to that member, and their staff mentor to ensure that this person does not feel alone! If the Pain Monitor believes that a member is in crisis then they will notify Dr. Patty immediately. (Tammy)
Pain Monitor Managers: These people will report to the pain monitor directly to see what she needs done (Open)
Petition Monitor Director: This staff member will monitor the various petition sites daily. They will send out invitations and ensure that staff is sending invitations as well. They will work with Leslie and Dr. Patty to analyze and market the sites. (Open)
Petition Monitor Managers: These staff will report to the Director of their department to see what they can help with (Open)
Prayer Coordinator Director: This staff member will be in charge of prayer requests. They will monitor the prayer group daily and if a member asks for and needs extra support then they will inform the staff. (Open)
Prayer Coordinator Managers: These staff members will report directly to the prayer coordinator Director to see what needs to be done. (Open)
Technical Director: This staff member will be responsible for answering questions about technical issues as well as assist staff in creating pages and groups as needed. They should be familiar with the Ning network and will be the liaison for technical issues. (Open)
Technical Managers: These staff members will report to the technical director for things that they can help with. (Open)
Fundraising Director: This staff member, in conjunction with Dr. Patty and the COO, is responsible for developing a fundraising strategy, grant writing and ensuring that approved events are carried out. (Open)

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