Change the laws of prescribing for pain chronic/intractable pain sufferers

Please join our private website

Just thought that I would let you know that even though we have multiple pages, profiles, etc on the net, the only one that we can guarantee that is private is our main website. There is a lot of information, one to one help from myself and the staff has…Read More

Job Openings Part 6

De's RSD/CRPS Group (A Satellite Site): This group is for more information and interaction with members and staff who suffer from RSD/CRPS. (De, Leslie) Stacy Hall's Fibromadness Group (A Satellite Site) This site is a satellite site of Stacy's Fibromadness…Read More

Job Openings Part 5

All Headaches/Migraines Group: This group deals with all headaches and migraines. (Open) CIPAY's Allopathic, Homeopathic And Alternative Medicine Group: This group deals with allopathy homeopathy and alternative medicine. (Open) Dr Patty's Questions Of The…Read More

Job Openings Part 4

Group Moderators: These staff moderators will report to the director of groups. They will be assigned to different groups and will work with the said groups to get member engagement up. It is alright to have several people contributing to one group.…Read More

Job Openings Part 2

Marketing Director: This staff member, in conjunction with Dr. Patty and the COO, is responsible for developing a marketing plan and conducting approved events. They are also responsible for monitoring Twitter, Linked In, Branched Out,, Beknown and…Read More

Job Openings

If you are interested in becoming a staff member of the Chronic-Intractable Pain And You Site(s), this is an updated list of the positions that are currently open. Please look at the description and if you would like to do any of them, please contact Dr Patty…Read More
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