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Hi, all! I'd like to introduce myself as a new administrator to the group and let you know about all the exciting things happening at Dreams of a Lifetime!

First off, if you haven't signed up for our monthly newsletter please take a moment out of your day to do so now : It's the best way to hear all about our dreams like the SHOPPING SPREE dream we held for Shileia, a 23 year old who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor 4 years ago. She and her mother had an amazing time at the Avenues Mall and were so grateful for the experience!

Currently, we're working hard on a few dreams, one of which is for a 24 year old young lady with a brain tumor who has already undergone 3 brain surgeries in her lifetime. The most recent of these surgeries was very shortly before she was to be completing her Masters Degree. Her absences from her family during surgery and treatments have proven difficult on everyone including her younger siblings who depend on her for much of their support.

So, what can you do about it? In addition to showing your support by signing up for the newsletter, you can help us with AMERICA'S GIVING CHALLENGE! Our goal is to get the most single donations of at least $10 from our supporters! Help us reach our goal by donating once within the next 24 hours and telling your friends to donate, too! If we have the highest number of donations from different individuals before 3pm tomorrow we'll win an additional $1,000 for our cause! If we have the highest number of donations over the course of the competition we can win up to $50,000! Let's get started!

Thanks for your support!

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