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Greenwich Council are pressing ahead with the budget cuts to the Park so we are keeping up the pressure to save it. There are signs that they are wavering on this particular cut due to the HUGE response they've received so far - so we need to keep up the pressure!

We're now counting on you to write directly to a Greenwich Councillor and your MP - letters show true depth of feeling and will make them realise this is a VOTE loser - local elections take place on May 5th.

Email us at [email protected] and we'll send you a range of template letters, then send us your completed letter for our records and proof of local feeling.

Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition so far - please keep getting people to sign, either online Online petition - Save Maryon Wilson Animal Care Centre ( or on paper (but not both!).

See what the Friends of Maryon & Maryon Wilson Parks are up to here:

We NEED these letters written ASAP to help to Save The Animals of Maryon Wilson Park!

Many thanks,

Claire & Ali
Save the Animals of Maryon Wilson Park

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