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Greenwich Council confirm cuts - keep up the pressure!

The budget meeting on the 3rd of March saw the council vote unanimously for the cuts, including Maryon Wilson Park animal park.

However, we hear on good authority that the STAMP campaign, the size of the petition presented (which is still growing - please keep getting signatures!) and support from local MPs has started a rethink within the council.

This, combined with the knowledge that Greenwich Council has £130 million (yes, million!!) in reserve means that we most definitely have a chance to save our beloved park!


Please write a letter to your councillor - telling them about the amount of support, the amount of love for and use of the animal care centre you have and that you know that closure will have very little impact on the budget cuts. Email [email protected] for a template letter.

We need extra help - people who can take action to further the cause. Email [email protected] with offers of help.

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